8 XPowder's review at BTC on Paper


Behind the Chair – On Paper/ December 2016

The Science: 8 XPowder is a bond-building, damage-minimizing, plant-derived complex. By utilizing natural beeswax, Truss combines nature’s ingredientes with advanced protection technology.

The poder format allows bleaching agentes to be evenly distributed into the cortex of the hair fiber, reducing damage and ensuring vibrant color results.

The Claims: Truss says its 8 XPowder is eight times more powerful than the leading products in this category. Stylists will see improved texture for easier application and spreadability, increased stability during lightening, accelerated lifting, support for precise color results, ultra protection, extra hydration and easy detangling.

To use, mix one part of 8 XPowder too ne parto f Truss Bleaching Powder and two parts of cream developer. Or mixo ne part directly into any haircolor.