Fashion and beauty are connected!  This is a part of TRUSS’ DNA and we are proud to introduce to all of our #crazyfortruss people out there, a new line signed by the renowned stylist Alexandre Herchcovitch!

The trio is composed of PERFECT Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask, a perfect root-to-length treatment for all hair types. Its biosynthesized technology is derived from natural sources with intelligent assets that fill the most porous parts of the hair. Its main active ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which acts directly on the scalp to promote healthy growth, hair strengthening and overall integrity. It also has an Anti-Aging action that provides lasting hydration and intense shine.

  • Check out all of the benefits from the high-tech and organic active ingredients.
  • Bio Affinity Complex: has constitutive bioaffinity with the hair strands, reinforcing its internal structure. Provides phyto-nutrients for damaged cuticle repair, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or external aggressions (UV rays, wind, excessive use of the dryer and flat iron). Intense shine, prevents split ends, and prevents color fade.
  • Nano Repair: microparticles that deposit evenly on the hair, with a high content of amine (positive) fillers, reducing frizz, color protection, internal glow, silky touch and intense conditioning.

  • Polycare: Film former. Provides softness, shine and has an anti frizz effect. Reduces hair volume and defines hair curls.
  • Quatercare: conditioning film with anti frizz action. It facilitates combing, provides body and maintains color to the threads.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: active derived from natural sources through biosynthesized technology. It is a nanoparticle cosmetic bioactive that fills the porosity of hair fibers and provides lasting hydration, substantivity, flexibility, elasticity and intense luster. By acting directly on the scalp, it enables healthy growth with an Anti-Aging action.

  • Panthenol: tonify the scalp, moisturizes and restores hair strands. It penetrates the root and strands, forming an elastic layer inside and out of the hair fiber, providing the hair with a humectant effect, quickly recovering its shine and natural hair memory.

  • Bio-Cysteine: amino acid of lower molecular structure that easily penetrates the hair fiber, due to the bioaffinity with the threads, provides reparative action of the cuticle, forming protective film against external aggressions. Restores the flexibility and strength of the yarns, protecting chemically treated hair. Moisturizes and returns shine, softness and combability.

  • Sericin: amino acid for hair reconstruction that has gone through chemical processes.

  • Creatine: powerful derivative from the amino acids, whose microparticles penetrate deeply into the hair fiber due to its reduced size, recovering damaged hair strands by chemical and physical processes, increasing the resistance of the hair fiber. Protects, revitalizes and moisturizes hair, providing better combability. Helps minimizing the effects of hair aging, acting as a repairer and hair protector.

  • Collagen: protein rich in amino acids with protective and reconstructive agents. Gives elasticity and flexibility to hair strands.

  • Wheat Protein: derived from wheat. Protects and helps restore the natural hair elasticity.